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40+ across the U.S.

Bareburger’s existence in the comfort-food industry is to build a better food system – one burger at a time. A leader in the better burger movement, Bareburger is known for being inclusive to all dietary lifestyles with a menu that is over a third vegetarian and plant-based. They’re also known for their sustainability efforts, which go beyond their burgers and into their storefronts.

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Bareburger sees increase in digital sales with LunchboxBareburger sees increase in digital sales with Lunchbox


Bareburger launched with an app in February 2019, moved on to web ordering in April and then catering in October – all in the same year. In March 2020, they added Pocket Kiosk. Bareburger switched from LevelUp to Lunchbox because they wanted a stronger, more cohesive experience that allowed them to easily market to their guests.


With Lunchbox’s help, Bareburger had better access to customer information, which is a key component in their marketing efforts. They were able to learn more about their customers’ spending habits and gather data for menu innovation and customer experience ideas. They were also able to focus on re-educating consumers strictly through the app. For example, customers got personalized deals and could take advantage of marketing initiatives that they wouldn’t have had looking on Uber Eats or GrubHub. Since launching in 2019, they now see more sales from their own website and mobile orders.


Bareburger’s previous product designs were clunky and lacked consistency in branding. As they scaled, they knew they needed a platform that was more modern and cohesive in the ordering experience. Guests are becoming more tech-savvy and have less patience with a poor digital experience. Bareburger wanted a multichannel experience that allowed guests to have one account across all of their experiences – a one-stop shop. Since launching, Bareburger has seen an increase in digital sales.


With Lunchbox, we’re able to create marketing initiatives that are more effective and relatable for our guests.