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growth in orders:

+ 43% / month

repeat customer rate:

+ 92.1%

Clean Juice isn’t just a juice bar chain. It’s a total heavy-hitter in the healthy, on-the-go market that grew to over 100 locations in just six years. And they aren’t slowing down.

As the first USDA-certified organic fast-casual restaurant, Clean Juice aims to source only high-quality, organic ingredients and is known for its cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and salads.

155k app downloads in the first year. 155k app downloads in the first year.


Clean Juice started in 2015 with husband and wife duo, Landon and Kat Eckles. Kat pitched the idea of opening a juice bar as she had spent the better part of a decade making smoothies and juices at home. After moving to North Carolina, Kat and Landon opened their first location on their 8th wedding anniversary – June 5th, 2015. A year later, they started franchising.

Clean Juice knew that as they scaled, they didn’t want to dilute their brand. They wanted to boost guest engagement and satisfaction and knew that integrating their own internal systems, like first-party ordering would be key to driving AUVs and Franchise Partner profitability in a market with fierce competition. They were looking for a true technological partner and not just a short-term vendor to help solve a short-term problem – but a team who could help them identify what they needed to excel in the market today, tomorrow and in the future.


Clean Juice wanted to offer its own guest experience with app ordering and website ordering (which it previously didn’t have). The main priority was to get as many users going through the app as possible. As part of their partnership with Lunchbox, they got help strategizing and developing a strong product plan for a brand new customer experience. They launched with an app first in June 2020 and after seeing solid results, they started on web ordering six months later.

Clean Juice switched to Lunchbox from LevelUp because they saw us as being a truly collaborative partner they could grow with, on top of superior customer service and agility in developing truly customizable, brand specific solutions (not boxed solutions). With LevelUp, they saw 268K total app registrants in the total 25 months of working with them. In 12 months of working with Lunchbox, Clean Juice secured 155K downloads with a projection of 323K at 25 months. The average annual spend per app user also increased with Lunchbox.


Through their own app, Clean Juice is able to harness all their customer data to communicate with guests directly. They send targeted, location-specific remarketing to previous customers to get insight on what impact the marketing messages had, how many guests interact with their campaigns, and what sales are driven by push notifications.

Clean Juice was able to use guest data to retain existing customers, which is sometimes harder than getting new ones. When customers went awhile without ordering, Lunchbox targeted them to win them back. Lunchbox helped Clean Juice implement an automated set of emails that go out based on specific timelines or user actions. When 30 or 60 days had passed since the guest last ordered, Clean Juice was able to auto-send a nudge reminding the guest of their offerings and that they’d love to see them again. The emails were equipped with an offer and ultimately helped boost re-engagement.


the clean Juice app enabled double-digit sales growth since June 2020.
The team is seeing increased check sizes, order frequency. Total user base, engagement, and retention are at an all-time high. More guests are coming and ordering each month, and almost all of them are coming back.

The Results

app downloads in the first year


yoy growth in avg monthly orders


app users placing 2+ orders


Accessing our own customer data is so valuable. We’re able to understand our guests and ultimately keep them engaged and coming back for more.