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  Tallulah’s Taqueria  Tallulah’s Taqueria




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Tallulah’s Taqueria is a brand based in Rhode Island that creates Chicano street food with strong hospitality roots. Tallulah’s saw an opportunity to bring in more customers through their own online ordering systems.

With Lunchbox, Tallulah’s Taqueria was able to create better brand consistency and reach a wider audience. Partnering with Lunchbox helped them fill in the gaps of what they were missing in their digital offerings.

Tallulah’s Taqueria Owns First-Party Ordering with LunchboxTallulah’s Taqueria Owns First-Party Ordering with Lunchbox


At its core, Tallulah’s is a labor of love that serves memories and is proud to be a gathering place for each and every surrounding community. The menu honors the Mexican-Amercian culture of Founder and Chef, Jake Rojas, a Sun City of Texas native – his diverse culinary experiences shine through in every item. The guest and team experience is curated by Kelly Rojas, an Ocean State Native, and expedited by an all-hands-on-deck team that shares the journey of service in a real, human way.

As a hybrid between a fast-casual and a quick-service restaurant, every Tallulah's is genuine with its thoughtfully prepared, no borders menu made for guests who seek a snack, lunch, or dinner on the go or as a casual, hospitable in-restaurant experience.

Rooted in a passion for hospitality, their food is actually so much more beyond the food. Their goal is to serve quality ingredients, give guests and their team the best experience possible, and make a positive impact on their communities, one taco at a time.


Tallulah’s Taqueria has always kept their digital ordering in-house for many reasons – a main one being the hefty commission charges from UberEats and DoorDash. They wanted a better platform to grow with, and Lunchbox delivered.

Tallulah’s switch to Lunchbox from an online ordering system created better brand consistency and allowed them to reach a wider audience. Partnering with Lunchbox helped them fill in the gaps of what they were missing in their digital offerings.


Tallulah’s ultimately chose Lunchbox because we were able to offer them a competitive edge as a small business. They liked that Lunchbox was able to assist them to improve their online ordering via a white label app in order to scale. Tallulah’s leveraged Lunchbox’s Guest Loyalty and marketing strategy to round out the experience in one system while also being able to integrate with their POS for financials in real-time. Lunchbox also offered a great aesthetic and was able to fully encapsulate its brand in the app.

“The team at Lunchbox has made all the difference,” says Kelly Ann Rojas, partner, and co-founder at Tallulah’s Taqueria. “They have a really hands-on communication style with clients. They have a hospitality-first mindset. The warm welcome, follow-ups, and consistency are what ties us to keep growing with Lunchbox. It’s truly a collaboration rather than a service, and that’s a huge difference.”


The Results

increase in sales right after fully onboarding


increase in orders on Lunchbox


increase in Android app downloads


increase in iOS app downloads


Lunchbox has a hospitality-first mindset. Their clear communication & consistency are what allows us to keep growing our digital offerings.