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Lunchbox Live: 2.0 Ordering Experience


NOV 08, 2022


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Lunchbox Live

The Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Jasmine. I'm the product lead of online ordering at Lunchbox. I'm excited to be here. I'm excited that you are here, and I'm excited to show you the ins and outs of Lunchbox 2.0 today.

So a lot of hard work has gone into building this product. Why? Because we love restaurants and we set out to build, an all in one system that makes restaurant operators' lives easier, that saves them and makes them more money.

With Lunchbox 2.0, you get a beautiful ordering system like Chipotle or Sweetgreens at a fraction of the cost without having to develop the in-house infrastructure with dedicated engineering resources. Today we're going to show you exactly how with a product suite that offers online-ordering, catering, order aggregation, loyalty marketing, CRM reporting and analytics, and a 14 and counting direct POS integrations.

First step, we have ordering. So this is really the meat and potatoes of what we do. Our online ordering system is built to scale, it's built to convert, and it's optimized for speed. This is where we've upgraded, from our first product, our new product, Lunchbox 2.0 — a streamlined ordering experience that reduces check out time by 42%.

So what that means for you is that your guests are having delightful ordering experiences. They're checking out faster, they're coming back, and they know what they can get from you, which is that easy ordering experience. You know, life is hard enough. We want to make sure that ordering and earning loyalty is actually delightful.

And of course, paired with this seamless and conversion focused experience is the fact that it's branded and unique to each restaurant we work with. It features your colors, your imagery, your food, and your voice. So your digital restaurant has the same personality as the physical one. We've got a live demo lined up to show you this experience first.

So I wanna start by showing you everything that we can do at Lunchbox. We built demo sites showcasing a McDonald's online ordering experience and a Sweetgreens one too. Because we wanna provide this level of tech to our clients in the enterprise and SMB space, we spent a lot of time studying the giants and unicorns of the restaurant tech space.

And now we're really bringing this experience to the Lunchbox family of restaurants. Now, let me show you one of our clients — this is Vibe Health Bar. When a guest clicks order now on Vibe's Instagram or Facebook page, they land here. With a map view, they can easily enter in their address.

I already have my preferred address and Sunny Sacramento popped in there, and the locations are displayed, prioritized in proximity to my location. From this page alone, we've reduced the steps to toggle between delivery and pickup ASAP and scheduled order so I can easily order ahead on this screen. Our redesign of this page has made everything more obvious on web and mobile.

What this means for you and your guests is that they're starting their ordering experience on a good foot, where they can get to see your menu with the least amount of time. So I'm gonna go ahead and click right into the menu heading into this page right now. This is where we really give restaurants the tools to add their own logo, to add their imagery, and to really highlight their menu through a wide scale menu.

So Vibe is a pillar of their community — a lot of restaurants that we work with are, so they've included a photo of the inside of their restaurant, but it's really up to our partners on what they put here. One big thing I wanna mention is cart visibility. You can see that the cart's always visible through the ordering experience.

This is a huge pain point for guests ordering first-party. Where's my cart? There's a ton of fancy design, but where's my cart? With Lunchbox 2.0, guests are now able to see their cart at all times of the web ordering experience, avoiding order confusion, and also allowing them to easily edit the cart at every point in their journey.

That's huge. From here, I'm able to quickly check out at which point I could choose to continue as guest and turn on my location or sign in or sign up via social, so quickly.

I also wanted to speak to our pizza clients because we have a fair amount of them. And we also offer placement and pizza modifiers. I can easily choose which side of my pizza I'd like my modifiers. This is a huge upgrade for us in terms of how we service folks in the pizza industry.

I wanna quickly mention mobile web — so the vast majority of guests that don't have an app downloaded check out on mobile web. It's really the entry point, the first experience many guests have ordering directly from a restaurant. Being mobile first is at the crux of everything that we do. Ordering needs to be easy and your guests want to order food, earn and spend loyalty, receive offers, manage their accounts, all in the tap of a finger.

And there's one more product I wanna share with you, and that's our catering product at a time, like now, with holidays fast approaching and offices reopen, offering catering services is top of mind for many restaurant owners and operators. Catering is a great way to increase your revenue, to encourage large ticket sizes and repeat orders, and to acquire new guests by feeding big groups of people.

With Lunchbox 2.0, we had a catering product and frankly, our new catering product knocks it out of the park in terms of configurability and ease of use for our operators. We've addressed 87% of the future requests we have for this product. So what that means for you is that you can truly make catering work for you.

Using industry leading features like house accounts, which allows you to invoice repeat corporate clients, the lunchbox call center, which allows you to edit orders if your catering menu has changed or items have 86, and you could easily update guests if there are any changes made to their orders.

To our holiday hours feature where you can set catering specific hours and menu items, it's fully configurable. It's a product that will not only fit into your business and operations, but actually increase your offering to your guests, and of course, increase your revenue.


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