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All-in-one Restaurant Catering Suite

Seamless and efficient catering management from the same system as your everyday orders, allowing you to own your guest relationships, customize your operations, and utilize a best-in-class reporting software to scale.

Seamless experience

All-in-one Catering Suite

Seamless and efficient catering management from the same place as the rest of your orders.

Guest-focused features

Direct ordering

Catering guests can place catering orders directly from your website

Generate repeat orders

Turn one-time guests into repeat catering clients; and send invoices in a snap through our House Accounts feature

Easy order management

Connect with catering guests through the Lunchbox Call Center a tool that allows you to edit orders, see guest order history, update billing on their behalf, and more

Catering made simple

Make catering work for you

With Lunchbox, order management is simple and efficient.

Management Features

Customize your catering

Customize your catering operations by creating catering and holiday-specific menus

Set Standards

Define standards for catering orders like prep time, lead time, payment options, minimum order amount, and more

Control your orders

Control how many orders you can fulfill during peak hours through order throttling

Best-in-class insights

Use insights to improve your bottom line

Make better decisions faster.

Data Features


Our best-in-class reporting allows you to track catering orders by location, time of day, outstanding orders, and more


Get a strong handle on your inventory with our detailed prep sheets

POS Integration

All order information is sent directly to your POS system

Lunchbox customers see an average of 42% monthly revenue growth


Q: Can guests place catering orders directly on my website?

A: Yes, there will be an “order” and/or “catering” button on your site that will direct guests to your menu to place an order.

Q: When do payments for catering orders go through?

A: The credit card used to place a catering order is charged once the order is accepted by the restaurant via the POS.

Q: What is a House Account?

A: House accounts allow guests to have an account with a restaurant that functions like a credit card, where a limit and balance is established. This allows restaurant partners to extend credit to loyal customers right in our dashboard.

Q: Can I send bills to a House Account?

A: Yes, once it is set up the House Account payment option shows up at check out. You can record payments and adjustments against the House Account.

Q: Can I mark orders placed by non-profit organizations as tax exempt?

A: Yes, a guest can be marked as tax exempt. Orders may be marked as tax exempt through the Lunchbox Call Center.

Q: Can my guests use loyalty on their catering orders?

A: Guests can use offer based loyalty and discounts on catering orders.

Q: Can I set menus/hours for specific special days, like holiday - hours?

A: Yes, you can set up time slots, schedules, and menus for specific holidays or times.

Q: What kind of reporting is available?

A: We have a vast amount of reporting including orders (by region, source, customer, and time frame), discount / loyalty sales, catering orders, transferred orders, account balances, customer list, menu hours, production sheet, order items, discount sales, locations, open invoices, and menu hours.

Q: Can I reassign a delivery order from one location to another?

A: Yes, restaurants can choose which location will fulfill a catering delivery order with or without confirming with the guest. The restaurant partner can also see how busy each brand/franchise is in the ‘Order Dashboard’ menu section of the ‘Call Center.’

Q: Can I customize delivery radiuses and give each radius a specific fee?

A: Yes! Under the "Delivery" section of the admin environment of the dashboard you can set up "rules" for different delivery fee charges for different radiuses.

Q: Are there thresholds for catering orders?

A: Restaurant partners can set order throttling rules to establish what maximum/minimum scale of orders they’d like to accept, as well as minimum order value amounts for catering orders.

Q: What are production sheets?

A: A production sheet is printed on the day of the catering order fulfillment that describes all the necessary menu items needed for said order. For example, if a catering order is listed as “Taco Tray” on the menu, a prep sheet will say the details of the Taco Trey. Ex: 1 Taco Trey: lettuce, tomato, cheese, guacamole, chips, and seven servings of chicken. This allows your kitchen to know what to pack with the order.

Q: Can I configure a production sheet?

A: Yes, restaurants can define exactly what they want to appear on their sheet when a guest orders a specific catering item. This way the kitchen knows exactly what to prepare.

Q: Is it possible to enable tips on catering delivery only and not on pick up or any other service type?

A: Yes, tips are configurable by service type. Each service type can have tips enabled/disabled, along with different tip percentage suggestions. Standard tip options are 10, 15, and 20%. Tip percentage suggestion ensures whatever the restaurant enters is auto-selected for the guest at checkout.

Q: Is Lunchbox Catering ADA compliant?

A: Yes