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Little Sesame

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100+ per month

This is Little Sesame, but there’s nothing little about the brand. They serve food with big flavor and they stand behind an even bigger mission. Their food is good for you and for the planet. Their star dish – hummus – is freshly spun, certified organic, and made with 100% regeneratively farmed organic chickpeas. They apply their do-it-for-the-next-gen, quality-over-everything attitude to every part of their business. With only 2 in-store locations, their guests per month, orders per guest, and order numbers are all steadily growing with Lunchbox.

Little Sesame sees 100+ new app downloads a month with LunchboxLittle Sesame sees 100+ new app downloads a month with Lunchbox

About Little Sesame

Little Sesame set out to be something different, not just your typical healthy fast-casual. They wanted to give people something truly authentic and delicious. Born in a 500-square-foot pop-up in Washington D.C. in 2016, Little Sesame hummus can be found in their shops, on the shelves at Whole Foods Market among other retailers, and regional farmers' markets.

As a community-driven brand, they’re often asked to donate or participate in silent auctions for non-profits. “We just steer people right to Lunchbox to sign up so they can get their gift cards on the platform,” says Maddy Beckwith, Community & Partnerships Manager at Little Sesame. “Everything is digital through Lunchbox and easy for the team to give people what they want.

Why they chose Lunchbox

Having used LevelUp in the past, the team found it wasn’t an intuitive, user-friendly app experience. In their search for an affordable yet capable, full-stack menu and order management system, they came across Lunchbox. The team researched and compared it with other systems and decided that Lunchbox best fit their needs. Other ordering systems they used prior to Lunchbox didn’t feel part of their ordering process and looked off-brand.

With Lunchbox, the transition from the ordering platform to other parts of their brand felt seamless. Right after launching their web and app ordering experience in December 2021, they were getting 100 app downloads per week for the first 2 months...and they have far more web orders coming in than app orders.

1st-Party > 3rd-Party

The Little Sesame team sees that guest experience suffers since the customer order is "managed" by the third party itself. If anything goes wrong with the order, it’s difficult to fix because of the notorious lack of support from third-party platforms.

With the native delivery from Lunchbox being DoorDash Drive, when there are any driver issues, it’s easily resolved since the order is on their backend – they can troubleshoot without having to involve the third-party platform directly. Lunchbox partners with DoorDash Drive, which delivers native orders from restaurants’ own websites and apps. Today, Little Sesame sees about 70% of their digital orders come in through Lunchbox.


The Results

Orders coming in through Lunchbox:


Total app downloads in first 6 months:


With Lunchbox our ordering experience is way more seamless. The customer doesn’t know they’re bouncing to another platform to order.”