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Data driven restaurant marketing on autopilot

Lunchbox lets you segment your customers using over 40 data points and deliver personalized messages that drive repeat orders.

All-in-one visual solution

Send email, SMS, and push notifications

Lunchbox Marketing is the visual solution for restaurants to intelligently re-engage their guests through automated email, sms, and push notifications.

Engage with your guests

Build personalized messaging journeys

Easily turn your ideas into campaigns. Drag and drop messages, time delays, webhooks, and branches to create engaging guest experiences. Don’t let your technology limit your creativity.

Perfectly timed email blasts

Make every announcement count. Use Lunchbox to send emails within the user’s time zone to make sure your announcement or promotion lands at the top of the inbox.

Omni-channel messaging capabilities

Combine sms and push notifications into your email messaging strategy. Build eye-catching content and personalize content based on behavior-driven segmentation to create push notifications your customers actually want to receive.

40+ data points to optimize

Segment your audience

Be specific with who gets your messages. Lunchbox provides over 40 individual data points around guest ordering behavior so you can optimize engagement and repeat orders.

Data features

Over 40 data points

Segments are calculated in real time so you can be extremely specific with who you target. Group people by average ticket price, guest loyalty tiers, LTV, push notifications opened, # of orders placed, and more.

More robust data

Move beyond opens and clicks to measure the success of your campaigns. Deep dive into the number of conversions and the amount of revenue they drive by filtering, viewing, and comparing metrics across all of your workspaces.

See individual profile data

Get granular with who you’re messaging. Easily view a full log of order data relating to an individual guest. See where users are engaging, what messages they have received, and more.

Best-in-class testing and reporting

Go beyond traditional email marketing

You need modern tools to give you a competitive edge. Lunchbox helps you increase your marketing sophistication to help you stand out from the pack.

Testing & Reporting Features

A/B testing

Make smarter decisions backed by data. Experiment with campaign subject lines, message content, delivery time, and more. Keep track of all the running a/b tests right from the Lunchbox dashboard.

Ad Sync

Supercharge your marketing by directly syncing your Lunchbox segments to your ad network of choice. Retarget the right users and show the best ads to your most valued customers across Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Youtube.


Lunchbox offers a robust dashboard so you can stay on top of your messaging health. Monitor your message leaderboard, segments, active A/B tests, and delivery metrics to identify spikes or trends over time. You can easily export your data or send it directly to your data warehouse of choice.

Lunchbox customers see an average of 42% monthly revenue growth


What is restaurant marketing?

Lunchbox enables restaurants to marketing and re-market to their customers using over 40 unique datapoints. Unlock your restaurant's marketing ability to connect with your guests in a way that third party marketplaces do not allow.

How do you market a restaurant in 2022?

Modern restaurant marketing requires being able to reach your guests where they are and in the moments that matter. Lunchbox allows you to use your order data to deliver cross platform messages over email, sms, and push notifications.

Is email marketing effective for restaurants?

Email marketing is extremely effective for restaurants. Lunchbox powered marketing emails perform over 47% better than the industry standards in terms of user engagement.

Should restaurants have an email list?

Restaurants can build their email and first party data using the Lunchbox Marketing CRM. Every order builds your email database and ability to reach a larger audience. Turn your first time guests into loyal patrons.

Why do restaurants need social media marketing?

Social media allows restaurants to directly connect with their guests. It provides additional channels to to share content, updates, and promotions. It also allows restaurants to build a community of loyal guests. Lunchbox allows restaurants to connect their order data directly into social media advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram to create a steady stream of brand awareness and increase their online orders.

How do I market my restaurant on social media?

Lunchbox gives restaurants the ability to have their guests order directly from the restaurant's profile and use their guests' order data to re-market across all major social media platforms.